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Metal Roofing

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Whether you hope to add extra protection to your home’s exterior, raise your home’s overall value or install a roof that you can count on to serve its purpose at all times, metal roofing is a great solution. Some advantages of having metal roofing include their longevity, boosting your property’s value, providing extra protection against storm damage, and it comes in virtually any color!

We Can Work With a Wide Range of Metal Roofing Materials

Our goal is to be your only point of contact for all your residential metal roofing needs. As such, we work with a vast array of different residential and commercial metal roofing materials.

These Materials Include:

  • Aluminum Roofs: These roofs can last up to 40 years or more. They are fire, leak, and rust-resistant. The aluminum reflects radiant heat and helps maintain a cooler temperature.
  • Steel Roofs: Steel roofs are resistant to cracking, shrinking, and erosion. Their life cycle is typically between 15-30 years. They are energy efficient and recyclable.
  • Tin Roofs: Tin roofs are steel roofs coated with tin. They typically last up to 40 years. The roof is also resistant to cracking and durable.
  • Copper Roofs: These roofs can last upwards of 60 years. They are also fire-resistant, making them a good option for warm regions. After 20 years, the copper roof will begin turning green from oxidation.
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